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What Does Yellow Heart Mean on Snapchat?


Have you ever seen a tiny yellow heart appear beside a person’s name on Snapchat? Have you ever pondered over the meaning of the yellow heart emoji? This can be a bit confusing; therefore, we are going to define what the yellow heart means on Snapchat and how it is used on Snapchat.

Yellow Heart Emoji Meaning

This emoji of a yellow heart is used to represent several positive feelings, unlike the red heart. So, let’s cut to the chase:

  • Friendship: The yellow heart emoji is widely used to show affection for friends and loved ones. It connotes a deep connection without the romantic implications of a red heart. 

  • Happiness and Positivity: The bright yellow color, is the shade of happiness, positivity and sunshine. It’s a nice emoji to use when you want to spread good vibes or celebrate something positive.

  • Liking Something: Additionally, a yellow heart would be used to indicate that you like something but in an easy going manner unlike a red heart. It is a great way of showing appreciation for friend’s post, funny meme or beautiful picture.

Yellow Heart Meaning on Snap Chat: The Symbol of #1 Besties

The yellow heart emoji () on Snapchat signifies a special bond – you and that person have achieved #1 best friend status. In simpler terms, it means you exchange the most snaps with each other compared to anyone else on your Snapchat list. Snapping back and forth consistently solidifies this virtual best friend title.

Mutual Best Friends: If you see two next to someone's name, it signifies you're not only their #1 Best Friend, but they're also your #1 Best Friend! This is the ultimate symbol of a strong Snapchat connection.

But how does this yellow heart emoji system work, exactly?

How to Earn the Yellow Heart?

Snapchat’s algorithm monitors your Snapchat conversations with each of your contacts. If you both send the greatest number of snaps to each other for two weeks in a row, you will receive yellow heart emojis beside each other’s names.

However, maintaining this best friend status requires dedication! If you start snapping at someone else more frequently, the yellow heart emoji might shift to that person's name instead. It's a constant battle for the top spot!

Beyond the Yellow Heart: The Evolving Snapchat Emoji Landscape

The yellow heart is just the beginning of the Snapchat emoji saga. As your snapping relationship with your #1 BFF strengthens, the yellow heart eventually transforms into a red heart after two weeks of maintaining your best friend status.

There's more! After two months of continuous best friend status, the red heart blossoms into two pink hearts, further solidifying your Snapchat besties.

Here's a quick breakdown of the Snapchat emoji progression:

  • Yellow Heart: You and the user are each other's #1 best friends (for at least two weeks).

  • Red Heart: You've maintained your #1 best friend status for two weeks straight.

  • Pink Hearts: Two months of uninterrupted #1 best friend status!

Pro Tip: Keep in mind that these emojis are dynamic. If your snapping habits change and you start sending more snaps to someone else, the emojis can revert back to a less affectionate symbol (think sunshine or a trophy).

The Power of the Yellow Heart: Why It Matters

Earning the yellow heart emoji is a small but significant achievement on Snapchat. It signifies a close friendship built on consistent communication and shared moments. It's a virtual badge of honor that acknowledges the strength of your connection.

So, the next time you see a yellow heart next to someone's name, take a moment to appreciate the bond you share. It represents dedication, inside jokes, and a constant stream of silly snaps that keep your friendship alive and thriving in the digital world.

Wrap Up!

We hope that this article has opened up your eyes to the enigmatic yellow heart and its importance in the Snapchat social graph. Fellow Snapchatters! Now go ahead and conquer those snaps! Remember, the yellow heart (and beyond) awaits!

If you have any inquiries regarding Snapchat’s emojis or how to maintain your bestie status, just drop them in the comments below, and we would love to help you navigate through Snapchat’s ever-changing landscape.

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